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ICS sells and applies hybrid polyurethane coatings in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. 

ICS protective coatings are used in sweepers, water trucks, clarifiers, chip trailers, vac trucks, fish hatcheries and others. 

ICS also offers burn protection and insulating coatings. Ask for Thermal Coat when you call or email. 


ICS Liner Systems Protect your Tanks

This tanker is protected with a ICS Liner system to stop corrosion and rust. ICS recently coated a Flush Master belonging to the City of Portland, OR.  Also among our customers are the Cities of Camas,  Washougal and Woodburn .  You can even order new equipment from General Equipment in Portland and have our liner installed before delivery! The City of Vancouver Fire District protects  their water tankers from internal electrolysis and corrosion with ICS Liners. ICS would like to protect your valuable equipment too!!  Call ICS today!

Tanker Linings

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Our Coatings are the only ones offered OEM by ELGIN in their sweeper trucks. We are recommended by the manufacturer to handle all phases of upgrade applications of OEM coatings Let us improve your sweeper performance and service life with one of our high release and corrosive resistance coatings.

Protective Coatings for Sludge Haulers and Drop Boxes

Whether you run drop boxes or dump truck bodies or inter-modal containers they need our sprayed-on liners in order to last longer and stretch your equipment dollars!  Bottom line...your equipment will work better and last longer!  

Inter-modal Container Brochure
Sludge Hauler Brochure

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New Sweepers

ICS Spray in tank liners will protect your equipment from the inside out so you can take care of the rest. Elgin Sweepers come from the factory with our liner as an option.  If you purchased your sweeper without that factory option, ICS can install it for you after market! Give us a call to make your installation appointment today.

New Sweeper Brochure
Sweeper Debris Box Linings  

Vac Truck Brochure


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Hybrid Elastomeric Raceway Coatings

See the difference this Hybrid Elastomeric Raceway Coating Makes. ICS customers include Carson NFH, Willard NFH, Warm Springs NFH, tag trailers at Little White Salmon NFH, Methow Complex, Trask Hatchery, South Santiam Hatchery, McKenzie Hatchery, Hoko Ozette Hatchery, Bonneville Hatchery, and others. Our first liner at 

Dworshak NFH
Hybrid Raceway Coating 1
Hybrid Raceway Coating 2
Got Fish ?

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High Release Liners

Are your trucks spending more time on the tippers just trying to get the load out? Are your drivers bringing part of their load back after each trip? Do you occasionally cross haul loads? An ICS HIGH RELEASE liner is what you need.

Chip Trailer Brochure

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Industrial Tank Linings

Industrial tanks are among the most severe environmental contaminants containers we work with. We have lining systems to deal with almost anything you might contain in your tanks. Call ICS, Inc. for details today. 

Industrial Tank Brochure

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Skate Plate

Looking for an alternative to grease for lubricating your fifth wheel? Why not eliminate the plate surface lubrication altogether with the Skate plate.  The Skate Plate makes your 5th wheel to trailer connection feel  like butter!! 

Skate Plate Brochure
Skate Plate summary. 

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TC Ceramic

TC Ceramic applied by ICS reduces the formation of condensation inside pipes and cyclones.  TC Ceramic applications help them run more efficiently and longer thus saving you money. 

Skin Temperature Tests on TC Ceramic

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Industrial Pump Repair

ICS will blast your pump parts to thoroughly clean and profile them before applying several coats of liquid ceramic coating to build up the surface of pump impellors.   

Industrial Pump Repair Brochure

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